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New Organ ECO Needle Packs Added

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

We continue to expand our range of Organ ECO needle packs - now available for quilting and leather applications

Available in:


Quilting assorted packs - 3 x size 75/11 & 2 x 90/14


Suitable for quilting and patchwork sewing and for sewing buttonholes - the flattening angle of the needle is larger, bringing the rotating hook closer to the scarf. This helps the hook catch the loop more securely, even when the loop formation is unstable. The cliff-scarf supports the formation of larger loops and the upward movement of the upper thread and helps to prevent skipped stitches. A slim, tapered shape from eye to tip reduces the needle hole size and appearance of cotton fibers inside the material. The slim shape also reduces penetration resistance when sewing thick quilts.


Leather assorted packs - 3 x size 90/14 & 2 x size 100/16


When sewing leather and similar fabrics, the needle hole can be too small. These needles incorporate a unique, knife shaped point, with a twist cut that creates stable needle holes and helps produce those desireable angled stitches.